Saturday, August 22, 2009

K003 Cute Puppy

Price: RM35
Who could resist a cute puppy with its paw prints?
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

K002 Big Eyed Moo

Price: RM35
Available for kids aged between 18 months to 5 years old

A pair of cows with big, endearing eyes. Cow spots over the sides of the shoes and with a tail too!!!
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K001 Lady Bug

Price: RM35
Size available for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Cute and vibrant red lady bird will surely make your child's day!
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

D001 Leaves

Price: RM80/SGD33

It is a design requested by one of our buyers, based on E001.
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A007 Merry Sheeps

Price: RM60/SGD23

For the young at heart. The colourful sheeps will brighten any day!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

C002 Pinky Cow

Price: RM70/SGD28

Have a thing for spots?
We are so addicted with cow spots we have this on our shoes design ;)

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E002 Yellow Vines

Price: RM80/SGD33 (Promotion Price)
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E001 Leaves

Price: RM80/SGD33 (Promotion Price)
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C001 Sunflowers

Price: RM70/SGD28

This sunflower design are so real it will definitely brighten up your day.
To be frank, sunflower is my favourite flower, my heart fill with hope everytime I look at it.
This is also our very 1st design when we start this business ;)

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B005 Chibi Maruko Chan 樱桃小丸子

Price: RM70/SGD28

Inspired by a Japanese cartoon - Chibi Maruko Chan/樱桃小丸子.
Based on custom order from Belin.
We added a nice touch and small invention -- An additional shiny "star" was sown onto the end of the velcro straps.
Shoes are only available in size 5 and smaller.

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B004 Are We There Yet?

Price: RM70/SGD28

This design was inspired by the famous line in "Shrek"
The baby whale following his mom naively, asking the question "Are we there yet?"
Waves in vibrant blue color are decorated at the back/sides of the shoes.

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B002 Red Forest

Price: RM70/SGD28

Furious crazy jungle in red!
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B001 Dark Forest

Price: RM70/SGD28

This design is dedicated to animal lovers.
It's fun with four different type of animals on the shoes yet not overly attention seeking.
It's something that we design for unisex ;)
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A006 Funky Monkey

Price: RM60/SGD23

Join us in the black and white madness!
It looks like two totally different shoe but yet inter-related. Cool huh? ;)
This is based on the custom order we had with Mickey.

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A005 Pink Floral

Price: RM60/SGD23

Feel the breeze from spring when you look at this pair of shoes?
That's exactly how we feel during the initial stage of designing it. ;)

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